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Morristown Beard @ Don Bosco Prep

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Samantha Gallagher

The Ironmen of Don Bosco entered ranked no. 2 when they came face-to-face with no. 6 Morristown-Beard High School Monday evening. Don Bosco was able to put up one goal in the 1st period, but in the 2nd and 3rd, the Ironmen could not get passed the MB defenders and goalie. Don Bosco now has a record of 5-2-1, after losing 3-1 to Morristown-Beard High School.


The 1st period was filled with shots on goal, with the Ironmen outshooting MB 13-4. Joe Verboys scored the only DBP goal of the night, midway through the 1st periods. The score was 1-0 for the remainder of the period.


Morristown-Beard High School came into the 2nd period ready to fight. Just minutes into the 2nd period, MB’s Thomas Rago tied the game up at 1-1. With just under 3:00 left in the 2nd period, MB’s James Callahan scored giving Morristown-Beard the lead at 2-1. The Ironmen had multiple shots on goal, but all were stopped by the MB goalie, they lead 27-16 with shots on goal.


The 3rd period began with Don Bosco down 2-1. Morristown-Beard’s defense and goalie were strong and relentless, letting nothing get passed them. Early in the 3rd period MB’s Brayden Patricia shot the final goal of the game, making the final score 3-1. The Ironmen outshot Morristown-Beard 31-23, but MB’s strong defense did not give the Ironmen any chance of scoring.


Next Don Bosco will play St. Augustine on January 4th. The Ironmen will enter that game with a record of 5-2-1, while St. Augustine enters with a record of 0-2-2.