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How to Make a Recruiting Video

Recruiting videos play a very important role in giving high school athletes the best possible chance to get get noticed at the next level. A video will allow college coaches to see your skills showcased to see if you would be a good fit at their college. By following these simple steps, you can make the most out of your video!


  1. Keep your video between 3 to 7 minutes. College coaches do not have time to watch game tape of every athlete so a short video is the best way to get their attention.
  2. Make your video front heavy. Include the plays that showcase the best of your abilities at the front of the video and save one or two plays for the end. If you start your video slow the coach might not ever see the best of what you bring.
  3. Include 2 full games with you video. If a coach watches your video and likes it, he will want to watch full game tape to see how you play throughout a game.
  4. Get your video out early. The best time to start making a video is your junior year; this will allow the coaches to come see you play in person your senior year if they like what they saw on film. If you are a senior, get the highlight video done by the halfway point of your season. Make sure you know who you want to send your video to and send it out quickly so coaches still have time to come see you play. Nothing can replace performing in front of a college coach.
  5. Let a coach know before you send a video. Make sure to contact a coach via phone or email before sending your video. When he sees your video in the stacks of hundreds, your name will stand out to him and this will help you get seen.
  6. Make sure your video is clearly labeled. Not only do you want to have your information in the video itself but you also want a label as well. Don’t let them forget who you are. Make sure to include your name, address, phone number, email, school name, graduation year, jersey number, and possibly your SAT scores, GPA, and stats.
  7. Make sure to find the right athletic and academic fit. Remember that coaches have hundreds of recruiting videos to go through so research which schools you believe will fit you best. If your grades and or ability will not gain you acceptance into certain programs, you will be wasting your time. Make sure to identify college programs where you will be able to compete, build a good relationship with the coaches, and has a major that you want to pursue.
  8. Follow up with the coaches. Sending a video to a coach does not always get the video seen. Give the coach a phone call and ask if he received your video, and watched it. Be confident and assertive and express your interest to play for their program. Have specific reasons why you want to play for them and ask what the next step in the recruiting process would be for you. Your ability to communicate will go a long way with college coaches in getting you recruited.

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